In 2017, Denes involved his sons in his company, Kristof with a background in finance and tech investments and Andras, an innovation producer responsible for taking new technologies to the market. Since then, the company’s main activity has been technology transfer.

Experience & Knowldge

Bulkai Ltd was set up by Denes in 2010, who previously worked at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) for 17 years, as Senior Environmental Advisor in the Environmental and Sustainability Department.
His main responsibility was management of environmental and social due diligence on investment projects, including environmental and social audits, impact assessments, development of corrective action plans and monitoring their implementation:

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The Only Source of Knowledge is Experience.

Primary Business

What We Do

Technology Transfer

We raise the market readiness of innovative solutions by deploying them in high-profile application cases, ensuring innovation meets business and social needs

Strategic Partnering

We team up with powerful industrial companies and regional governance to bring critical mass, and promote high growth potential SMEs to tackle high-impact challenges

High Impact R&D

We focus on sustainability and projects with significant socioeconomic impact addressing the most pressing challenges that face our society today to leave an improved world for future generations

Complementary Services

& Social
Due Dilligence

Energy &

Technology Transfer &
Sustainability Solutions